SOFGEN is an IT consulting group specialized in private, commercial and retail banking. The company’s innovative software solution, REG-Reporter, quickly & easily streamlines regulatory reporting by automating compliance with reporting requirements to regulatory authorities. It helps reduce report preparation time; mitigates associated risks; offers complete automated generation of 100+ regulatory reports, in submission ready format; and provides general ledger/sub-ledger reconciliation. For additional information, visit SOFGEN's web site.


At Premier Consulting Partners, we take a unique approach to developing a relationship with our clients. As the leadership and founders of PCP have combined over 60 years of financial services experience in executive positions, we understand that its not about the consulting firm or how good we say we are. It's about delivery of services, as promised and standing behind our services not as consultants but as partners.

That is why we call ourselves Premier Consulting Partners. Our company name demonstrates our commitment to you, our partner. The name provides our firm with tenets to deliver services to our clients, our partners as follows:

  • Premier: Is you, our client
  • Consulting: Is us, your provider
  • Partners: Is you and us together in a partnership

What does this mean to you? 

It means that PCP will base its delivery of services on a sound understanding of your profile, your business and your unique risk. PCP will design your internal audit, compliance and risk management deliverables based on your needs.  PCP will stand behind our services by providing the necessary support during your regulatory examination to explain and walk through the delivered services.  PCP will be your partner and trusted advisor who thrives on providing you with expert guidance, support and high quality information both in and outside of the engagement process.  

What it ultimately means is that PCP is committed to the success of you and your organization.


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Alternative Investments - Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds, Retail Funds

In today's ever changing regulatory environment, it is imperative that you keep abreast of current regulatory initiatives and developments, continuously evaluate and strengthen risk management processes, and meet the heightened demands of regulators and clients for increased transparency and accountability.  Our experienced professionals can help you establish appropriate processes to address current regulatory requirements, meet client expectations and react promptly to regulatory reform.

Our Due Diligence and Risk Management Services are designed to provide an independent assessment of your fund's infrastructure including evaluation of the investment process, operations, third party service providers, and reporting processes. Our proprietary quantitative and qualitative assessment model measures a fund's infrastructure quality and typically provides specific recommendations for improvement.  After your fund creates the formation documents and establishes necessary third party service provider relationships, it's important for you to create an effective risk management program that facilitates the accountability and transparency expected in the industry. Ideally, this would incorporate your fund's strategic objectives, risk profile, industry standards, best practice, and investor requirements and expectations.  By partnering in this very important initiative, together we can develop and implement an effective Due Diligence and Risk Management Program that's tailored to your needs and the expectations of your investors.  Your Program will further solidify your position in the industry and strengthen your fund's ability to achieve "investment grade" status.

Due Diligence Program

  • Manager due diligence
  • Third party service provider due diligence and monitoring programs

Risk Management and Controls Assessment

  • Enterprise Risk Management assessments (operations, valuation process and underlying fund manager oversight)
  • Operational and financial controls development, documentation and implementation assistance
  • Model Validation

Regulatory Compliance Advisory

  • Integrate approach and programs for ethics and compliance, including: AML, OFAC, FCPA and Code of Ethics
  • SEC registration and reporting

Process Improvement Services

  • Front to back office operations reviews
  • Outsourcing operational risk management
  • Derivative settlement and valuation process services

Technology Assessment and Assistance

  • IT Performance and Strategic Plans
  • Vendor selection analysis
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
  • Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing


Careers at Premier Consulting Partners

Do you have a passion for working with the "Best and the Brightest" professionals?

Our professionals are the most important asset of our Firm. Each day, our professionals are looked to by Boards, C-level executives and senior management to provide expert guidance to help them and their organization succeed. As such, our clients expectations and demands are extremely high and rightfully so.

To address our client expectations, we recruit truly outstanding people, providing them with the quality of assignments, training, support and opportunities they need to flourish professionally and personally.

We are seeking professionals with practical Banking and Financial Service experience that bring sound leadership skills, teamwork, expertise, and a strong desire to achieve excellence.

If you are interested in Joining our Firm please fill out the Application Inquiry and someone will contact you.